Transitional Consulting

Individual Transition Services

Transition Consulting

Feeling lost as you’re approaching major life changes like graduating from high school or moving out of the family home? Or are you wondering why you’ve faced so many challenges in relationships and work, and are you considering that you may be autistic later in life? The Alpine Square Team assists Neurodiverse adults and their support systems to navigate those changes in light of the neurodivergent way of thinking. We have resources to assist with initial testing if you are looking for a medical diagnosis, access to financial support for people with disabilities, and contacts within higher learning and supported employment opportunities. Let us walk alongside you in a judgment-free zone where you can adapt to the life you want to live.

Job Development

Ready to work but not sure what you want to do or how to get there? Our Team of experienced Job Coaches can help you determine your long objectives and the steps to get there. Focusing on Customized Employment models, we carve out the appropriate direction for long term career plans with realistic growth incentives and a work-life balance.

Job Coaching

You’ve landed the job! Now how do you keep it? Your Alpine Square Coach will work with you and your employer to understand all those details that were not obvious before signing the work agreement. Through workplace visits and meetings, your Coach will work alongside you assisting with orientation and on-boarding, learning new tasks, communicating your needs and questions to your employer, and determining how your career is affecting the rest of your life outside of work.

Employer Intermediary

Employers Benefits in the Workplace

The employer landscape is changing as companies begin to realize that characteristics of Neurodivergent individuals’ are competitive advantages as employees. The Alpine Square Team are experts in matching these traits to Employers’ needs and sourcing people to fill key roles in organizations.

Employers who hire neurodiverse employees note their aptitude for roles that require attention to detail, ability to detect patterns, and capacity for inferential reasoning, as well as strong skills in mathematics, coding, and other data-driven processes. Neurodiverse employees are also often lauded for exhibiting loyalty and timeliness, and for offering innovative, creative perspectives to improve policies and procedures that can increase a company’s bottom line

Employers consistently report that their neurodiverse teams prove more effective and productive than those without neurodiverse representation.

Job Coaching

There are a wide variety of jobs and responsibilities that neurodiverse employees can perform.

Alpine Square has had great success in hospital systems, manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain, and sustainability sectors to name a few.

In addition, research has shown that consumers prefer doing business with companies that employ people with disabilities. Given the high percentage of neurodivergence within the average customer base, having people on staff that represent the communities a company serves demonstrates thoughtfulness and good customer service.

Neurodiverse Teams

Other capabilities that people with neurocognitive disabilities possess that benefit employers include:

  • Keen accuracy and ability to detect errors;
  • High levels of concentration;
  • Strong recall and detailed factual knowledge;
  • Reliability and persistence;
  • Technical strengths; and
  • Appreciation for routine/repetition.


Advocacy Solutions

Adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) continue to struggle with unemployment or underemployment issues at an extremely high rate, which has only been amplified during the pandemic. Studies estimate a staggering 50-75% of the 5.6 million autistic adults in the U.S. are unemployed or underemployed. Nearly 50% of 25-year-olds with autism have never held a paying job, despite having the skill sets and expertise to excel in the workplace. (Forbes 2021)

The Alpine Square Team is focused on advocacy solutions to assist the Neurodiverse Community in overcoming these challenges to self-determination and the qualifying factors to a happy, healthy, independent life. Our multifaceted advocacy work is directed toward stakeholders individually, communally, and institutionally to share the value of all people.


We work directly with individuals and their families to navigate the path to independence, building structures, networks, and systems to define and move clients toward their dreams. Central to this pathway is creating a sense of belonging and strengths-based self-worth. We help people translate passions and special interests into meaningful long-term careers. Then we create the support structures around housing, healthy living, and social communities to provide for stable ongoing independent living.


The Alpine Square Team is continuously involved in outreach projects making connections for our clients. Our community organizations are the heart of our social networks and give us the “membership” we need to feel fulfilled. Our Team constantly answers requests for speaking engagements, facilitator roles, and networking events to build bridges for our clients to engage in activities and events where they can find bonding opportunities. Our community advocacy work strives to educate all community members on the strengths and values of each of the individuals.


Working as an intermediary between the Goliath institutions and the complementary range of individuals that make up an inclusive workforce is the sweet spot for the Team at Alpine Square. Our daily conversations with business leaders and public speaking engagements to a myriad of institutional communities are riddled with our inclusive supportive employment mantra and the benefits of identifying and supporting the Neurodiverse Community.

Benefits Consulting

Individualized ApproacH

People with disabilities who receive benefits may be fearful or have concerns about loss of income or access to health insurance when considering going to work, accepting a promotion, or increasing work hours. There are many underutilized programs that can protect or extend your benefits, and a well-prepared Benefits Summary and Analysis can uncover the options through an individualized approach. Mary is in the process of earning her WIP-C (Credentialed Work Incentive Practitioner) credentials (June 2022). If you or a loved one are considering education, employment or a promotion, reach out to Mary at  to get the help you need making good decisions about your benefits.


It costs an estimated $233,610 to raise a child to age 17, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Autism Speaks estimates the cost to raise a child with autism or an intellectual disability is $1.4 to $2.4 million. But what happens when that child becomes an adult? Commonly, when PWD reach 18 years (22 years if using the Transitions Programming) and age out of the local school systems, they fall off of the “services cliff”. The complicated process of Social Security benefits is daunting at best.

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